Ep. 10. How to drive more traffic to your personal website?

Ep. 10. How to drive more traffic to your personal website?

In this article I will show you how these 5 keys can bring you more traffic to your website. 

Let's start from the beginning. 

The First Key: 

- Brand / Product Presentation

Your Brand is the face your company. The aesthetics of your business is the first thing your audience sees. Your Brand is responsible for influencing audience perception, driving traffic and affiliates to your store, and differentiating you from your competition. Unfortunately, many small business entrepreneurs don’t know how to build a brand that attracts people. 

Most entrepreneurs set focus on the product. While that is good, why would a person invest in your business? Have you shown your audience how dedicated you are to your business by putting 100% into your brand and presentation of your "product". 

Take the time to plan colors, think up a logo, and then figure out who your target audience is. The broader the better, however, I could also argue that having a niche audience works as well. 

Example: If I sold rugs. What type of rugs? Custom designed rugs. Ok so only a certain type of consumer is going to want to pay $XXX for a custom rug. So your target audience would be anyone who recently moved into a space or have need to use the rug as apart of their branding motif. 

Your brand should reflect that luxurious urban exclusive feel to it. Otherwise your brand looks tacky and more like a hobby. If your brand feels expensive then the prices and quality should mirror that. 

You can also use these same keys when it comes to building a social media following on any platform. 


The Second Key: 

- Social Media

Social Media is always the focus of any method to bringing traffic to your website. Why? Because consumers are already online looking at advertisements all day, in order to get to your website they need to be shown how to get there and WHY they should go.

Social Media also establishes a relationship with the company/brand in that the consumers can see and talk to the person they are buying from.

Thus owners such as Elon Musk. He represents the Tesla Brand. Decisions that he makes effects the faith his consumers have in his quality of product. 

Let's say you only have a personal Instagram Page. So you should create shops in the big 6 social medias including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube. 

If you don't want your face on the brand, use a friend or just focus solely on the product. 

Posting on these above mentioned social medias brings traffic to your site just in how they are designed. Link all of these apps back to your website. Consumers have to find our where to find your product, most click while on a social media app. 

Pinterest is an online resource platform/search engine.

Facebook has millions of users and the marketplace is top 10 in e-commerce. You should also create a business page and tie it to all of the other social medias and your website.  

Instagram now has a shop that they added. You can easily set up a shop with a facebook page and boom, instant audience. 

Youtube is great because its still number one in views and active audience.

Tik Tok is new and consumers love new, ride it out until it burns out. 

Post often, and post about things that have to do with your brand and product. Remember you are your brand. 

The Third Key: 

- Linking/Tagging/SEO

Make sure when listing your products and even titling your website, that you accurately reflect your brand. 

SEO is very important when it comes to your website being seen. Use your tags at the bottom of every post. On every product post, share to each of the big 6 social media sites. 

Pinterest is the most useful I've seen because you can create multiple images /ads for the same product and it be a good thing. 

Also be sure you a have a link on every post on social media back to your website. 

Also use ALT image text, which is just keywords on your images. 

Product Descriptions are slept on, but the description is picked up in google then the images so be sure to focus on that. Be sure people know what they are buying and how to buy it. 


The Fourth Key: 

- Marketing

What's the best way to market your product for free? Social Media. Imagine how many people will see your product if you shared to 400 people about it. Generally speaking 10% of your followers actually SEE and VIEW your website. So of the 400 people who saw it, you may only have 40 consumers. But think about posting that to 400 followers on 6 different sites. All of a sudden 2400 views have happened and the you have 240 consumers going through your website. 

Post post post, tell people about it when you are out. Giveaways, Tell your family and friends to repost as well! Word of mouth goes a long way as well. 

Also give incentives, or have sales/discounts on your site to keep consumers watching your site. 


The Fifth Key: 

- Time and Patience 

This is the part that always gets us entrepreneurs trapped in our heads. Websites take time, SEO and google search information updates ever 24-48 hours. The more views you get to your page on this one site boosts your site in the search engine. 

Consumers need to be able to see you have your brand and business active for a while. They have to know that if they purchase from you today that you will be doing that tomorrow as well. When you are inconsistent with your brand and not sticking to your niche, you lose your audience. 

I would say give yourself a month to post as often as possible, set up your links and social media accounts.

- Other Tips:

Always have enough product for your first 20-100 sales. You never know when your website will catch viral attention. 

Closing Remarks:

After 3-6 months of following these simple steps and you still are having a dead site, I would recommend opening up shops on etsy, zazzle, graphicriver, poshmark, redbubble, etc and then link them back to your website. 

If all of those larger sites are dead as well as your website. I would go back to the drawing board and even possibly considering offering something else.

Thank you all for reading this. I would love some feedback via my social medias. I would also like to know if these Keys worked for you.