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Adult Prom Flyer
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Barbie Flyer
Conga Flyer
Love After Detroit
Synopsis: We begin by meeting Graham Fiento, Leah’s ‘younger sister’ and Koby David, both Heirs to powerful crime families in the city of Detroit.Groomed to step up, Leah is brought back to the family business...
Love After LA
Synopsis: Evonne worked as an auto mechanic in southern Los Angeles. After a bad break up, Evonne thought she’d be alone forever. One day the girl she’d been crushing on, Raquel, walked in to get...
Miami Nights Flyer
Stars & Straps: A Few Short Stories to Make You Horny
Synopsis: This steamy Lesbian Erotica Anthology will surely become your favorite as you flip through the pages and meet each couple. From tales of sexy quickies and heart break to tales of rebuilding and epic...
Tax Services Flyer