Lite Videography

Best for those who want to record short but meaningful moments such as but not limited to: Birthday Song Recording, Engagement Recording, short video for your business, catering video, dj feature video, dancer video, onlyfans video, performance videos, social media skits. 


T600 - shoots widescreen 1080 but converted into 4k via software (best for outside shoots)

Iphone 11 pro - shoots in 4k for 3 hours (best for night shoots)


*Half deposit required to reserve the booking. ****


$100 - per hour 

$50 - for up to 30min 

$35 - 10min or less


For Xrated Videos (onlyfans/adult customers only): 

- Female: Add $25 to the above rate

- Gay Male: Add $50 to the above rate

- Couples: Add $100 to the above rate

***I only record women and gay men***

***I do not accept straight male clients, unless accompanied by a woman.***

I will ask to see your portfolio to confirm. 


Editing Services: 

Editing is free when you book a recording.

If you have a video and want it edited rates are by quote and by the length of the video's run time. 

$25 minimum


**no refunds after booking is paid in full***


To book you can message me personally at or DM @scorpiosgraphx on twitter or IG.